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EDIT August 24 2013:

Ahmergerd, WE RESCUED ANOTHER ONE D: This time it's pretty much pure black and it's Miss Tuxedo's litter mate or something - they know each other, we found it at the same spot where we found the first one (it wasn't there yesterday though) and their voices are very similar in pitch. Brave enough to be lovey with me but more weary of the other guys then its sibling. I seriously hope that it's just these two and not a full litter, otherwise we'll just have to find homes for them...but they've made themselves comfortable - like they've lived here for all their short little lives. I told my mom that I while I really like them, I also feel SUPER GUILTY because my older guys are really letting me know that they're mad at me and I don't want anyone running away from jealousy issues or something (I'm very clingy to them right now for reasons I will not disclose) >; A ;< Donger's trying to make an effort with the tuxedo one though.

I gave both of them baths because they did have some fleas and their fur was dirty. They didn't like it but they also were fairly calm about it too (crying, but no scratching and they didn't like the blow dryer but towelling their underbellies wasn't easy). I haven't tried introducing the black one yet since apart from its bath, I've kept it in my room just to be safe.


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August 23 2013


Nevermind the fact that I'll be 22 in December.

We rescued a cat yesterday.

I forgot how freakin' tiring it can be to have a young cat in the house. >_>;;;;;;;

Not so much as playful as it wants affection, and cries/wakes up as soon as I'm out of the room or not petting it. It's already made itself at home though, and thinks it's the boss of me... Rescued it from some bushes around the house.

We're not sure of the gender yet, seems to be 3 - 5 months old, looks like Sylvester (so a fairly standard tuxedo kitty but the resemblance is slightly uncanny) and while hungry when we found it, it ate without any trouble (it's not bony, but kind of feels lighter then a kitten at that age should). Not feral or the very least a very brave feral because when we found it, it wrapped itself around my brother's ankles - not the least bit afraid and yes, I know those two "when we found its" are painful to look at.

If someone does come looking for it (very, VERY doubtful), then at least it had a roof over its head and food in its belly for the night. I'll put some pictures up later.

I had a whole ramble typed up but then decided that an abridged version would be best.

Cyrus is also doing well, he started molting at the end of last month which made him very grumpy, but he's back to his usual self and has only 3 train feathers left. He's getting braver, eating on the grass right near the front porch stairs and following me with an arm and a half's length between us when I'm outside.

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